Final Class (All due July 31st)

July 22nd is a virtual class. Login here to participate. I will be at the Rowely Hall if you prefer to be in the lab with me for tech support for virtual class and/or class projects.

Mobile in the Classroom

Podcast/Flipped PresentationsGroup 2

View on your own using

1. What are specific ethical issues you see kids struggling when they use digital media?
Answer here >>>

2. How is our sense of identity changing in the digital world? How can adults learn from kids and guide them at the same time?

Answer here >>>

3. How does teaching and learning change in a world where information is at your fingertips?

Answer here >>>


Required Reading/Exploring/Watching:

Watch the Frontline show called “digital_nation” (90 minutes)


Post 1 response on your blog/class preparation:

Choose one chapter of the Frontline video and share your reaction/reflection on your class blog.


It has been a privilege spending Tuesday nights with you all:)

Thank you for your hard work and open mindedness for learning about technology. A HUGE thanks to those who went above and beyond the assignments. Your creativity was inspiring!

Please consider me a resource for integrating technology into your future classrooms. You can reach me at my MU email, at and of course—Twitter:)

Housekeeping items:

  • Post all assignments (including the last assignment below) to your blog by midnight on July 31st (let me know if extensions are needed)
  • Keep a look out for the course evaluations (should see them in your MU E-Mail on July 28). Your feedback is extremely important to me:)
  • Check out Blackboard after July 27th. I will have all you grades posted for your review.
  • Have a wonderful summer and great school year.
  • Prof. Steve03865b45931cb5e1b15593dad7a52569

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