Week 7 (July 8th)

Our Class Presentation on Flipped Learning

Media Literacy Class Discussion –

Media Deconstruction/Construction Framework via medialit.org

Video Analysis – The Three Pigs

NAMLE Key Questions for media literacy


Required Reading/Exploring/Watching:

What do we know about the brain and how does what we know (or think we know) drive how we teach. John Medina and his book Brain Rules breaks the latest brain research into 12 principles/rules. His book is a great read and it is supported by a companion DVD. Much of the video content on the DVD is shared on his website @BrainRules.net. On this site you can access information/activities to support all 12 principles/rules by selection the icon at the top of the media window.

Check out this news report that does a great job of summarizing the book.


Post 1 response on your blog/class preparation:


Screencasting/Tutorial Programs:

Camstudio (Windows only) – free software to capture your computer screen

Jing – free software to capture your computer screen (saves to web only – 5 minute limit)

Screenr – free online tool to capture your computer screen (5 Minute Limit)

Screeen-O-Matic – free online tool to capture your computer screen (15 Minute Limit)

Knovio – easily add narration and video to an existing PPT

TED-ED – Lessons worth sharing

Greenshot –  free software to capture your computer screenshot (still images)

Pixlr –  free online software to edit photos/images

iPadio – podcast via your phone

Quicktime (MAC only) – Free screen capturing

EduCannon – easy add quizzes to your videos

EDpuzzle – add sounds/narration/quizzes


Screencasting/Tutorial Apps:


Educreations – Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard.



Video/Audio Tools

FileWiggler – Download videos from YouTube

Dripy – Download video or audio from YouTube

SoundCloud – A great online service for sharing audio

TubeChop – Allows you to edit any part of a YouTube video to share

YouTube Editor – Allows you to edit your videos in YouTube

Adding Annotations – Are you a Brainiac? – Photosynthesis


 Sign up for your Flipped/Podcast share day here:



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